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While 100’s of channels are being offered, consumers have become increasingly frustrated. Browsing for content via a grid based program guide no longer works.

Flipboard, Twitter and Facebook have made discovery real-time and topic based. TV needs to embrace this trend.

Content discovery used to be simple. Channel surfing across a few channels was a good way to find something to watch.

Boxfish processes every word spoken on


channels in real-time

Boxfish Discovery

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  • DVR Tagging

    Navigate through DVR recordings based on topics of discussion.

  • Search

    Topic based search that is relevant to your interests.

  • Favorites Guide

    Select your favorite channels and follow trending topics in one guide.

Boxfish Analytics

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  • Audience Fingerprinting

    Analyze audience tune in/out and tailor your content production to the audience interests.

  • Trending Topics

    Expose your audience to trending topics, and correlate with social media.

Boxfish Recommendations & Targeting

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  • Recommendations

    Better understand what your audience is watching make suitable recommendations.

  • Relevant Advertising

    Relevant advertisements are worth more to you and your audience.


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